Editor - What now?

Finally, got my internet connection to the editor, but what now? It certainly isn’t intuitive, and I’m no programmer or python. Each attempt to open grabs, modes or system results with an ‘atencion’ error message, whatever does that mean?
I’m just looking to upload some stuff and download some new ideas. It isn’t going well tbh. All I get is ‘connected to websocket server’.

That connected to websocket server message is normal. The Editor’s Console pane displays that message after the Editor is loaded. If you were to Stop/Start Video, edit the a mode’s code, etc. you would see updated information printed to the Console.

This is normal too. The Editor is just making sure you want to load a new file into the Code pane. It’s just asking so that you are not closing the currently open file without saving it.

Which OS does your EYESY have? This is viewable on the OSD. If you don’t see an OS version listed or it says v2.1, it is probably a good idea to reflash to the current OS (2.2). Instructions for this are in Chapter 6.1 of the manual.

Hey, Thanks for the advice. Am up-to-date with OS 2.2. I’ll have a manual dive (the last resort). I was expecting something a little more intuitive. G