Effects disappeared, replace by a patch

Hello there. This is my first post so I’m not sure if I’m the right place. I’ve got a question about my Organelle M.
I’ve just installed the new Os 4 in order to install Orac. Everything worked fine and I downloaded some patches at the same time. But something weird happened: on my organelle: the folder Effects seemed to be replaced by a patch I downloaded (Ambient fx). I can’t see my effects since when I choose effects on my Organelle it is this patch that opens. All the other categories work fine.
But when I connect to my computer via the server I see all my effects, as is it is not communating anymore…
What did I do wrong and how can I fix this ?

It looks like a patch (maybe Ambient fx) got unzipped into the Effects folder, and not into its own folder. A sub folder, like Effects, should only contain patch folders, but I can see a bunch of Pd files in the Effects folder too. If there is a main.pd file, the Organelle OS will think it is a patch and not a sub folder.

Thank you! It worked :slight_smile: