Erasing Sounds in Overloop

Hi everyone, what’s the simplest way to erase mistakes or unwanted sounds we create in the different patches. I added different loops in overloop but now I tried everything to erase them and nothing is working so far. It should be a way to simply erase like any other looper. I appreciate your help.

Unfortunately Overloop was not designed with an erase function. We might have to revisit that.

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Thank you chrisk, is that the same with the rest of the patches, there is no erase/delete function?

With regard to the Critter & Guitari-made patches, Overloop is unique in that it does not delete. In other C&G patches that record, you can either record over existing recordings (e.g. Arpeggio Sampler, Loop Jam Rec, Segmenti, Granular Freezer, and others) or delete them (I Take Up)

Overloop is great because you can record as many tracks as can fit on the USB drive. Even with an 8GB drive, that is a lot of tracks. It is important to note that Overloop is only one of many patches that record and loop so it may or may not fit your immediate needs, but could be fun to use later.

You can find other sampler patches here:
Organelle patches tagged ‘sampler’ on Patch Storage

By the way, are you also posting on our YouTube videos as Luxex7?

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