Trouble with the MIDI Program Change Function


Loving the EYESY and the composite video capability!

I am having trouble with selecting different modes using Program Change.

Did some trouble shooting with different MIDI devices, CC values and Note messages are being received but no input when I sent any Program Changes.

Plugged in my ETC and ran the same tests, everything worked and the Modes changed selection with the Program Changes, so it’s not the MIDI devices.

I tried both Mode Select and saving some modes to test Scene Select, still no changes.

Has anyone else attempted to change modes with a MIDI controller? Have you experienced this?


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I also have this issue. I have many program changes being sent from my Digitakt which works with the ETC fine, but not Eyesy with the same scenes programmed in. I hope to hunt down this bug as well.

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Good to know I’m not the only one.

Should note, the tests I ran were with a TRS-MIDI Type A port.
I did not attempt any tests with USB MIDI.

Hope to find a solution soon.


Hi there
same problem here.
I am sending MIDI to the eyesy with my USB MIDI interface. MIDI Notes and CC are working fine but it does not receive Program Change notes.
I hope that a solution for this problem comes soon, because I have been counting on this function :slight_smile:


I have been trying to determine if this is something I can fix with my limited coding knowledge, but it seems pretty deeply buried in the OS and implemented differently than the ETC. I’m also curious if this functionality comes from Pd or Python.

I have noticed that the ETC manual specifically notes Program Change in the MIDI Config section, whereas the Eyesy manual has left this section out. Hope we can get an update with this feature, I use it a lot on my ETC!

The MIDI stuff comes from Pd and then goes to Python, so this requires some updates in both. I actually have most of the changes ready to go and we are planning on getting a new disk image up this week with program change working and some WiFi fixes.


Thanks for all the hard work you do!