Euclidean Haunt

bootLegOrganelle2 Euclidean Haunt

This is another version of a sampler with a built in Dynamic stochastic synthesizer and Euclidean beat selectors controlling the pulses.
You can select 2-64 Euclidean beats on 4 different samples
The Sampler has Reverb, Delay a low pass filter and distortion.
It also has an experimental increment feature that is unique to this synthesizer and based on the work of Eric Lyon.
Aux samples the four Tables and the keys work to create accompanying haunting drones
A footswitch changes the pages on this one!!!

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This gotta be one of those days… all I get with this patch a simple synth-sound. The menu has bpm + track volumes. pushing the AUX button changes the color of the led. Reuploaded the patch on the USB drive and have the same results. Can’t figure out how to sample and stuff… I’m sure I got something wrong, please help because this must be another awesome patch. Thanks!

Aux Samples 4 different files. I will of course double check it and review. I wish I had something besides a cellphone to make some how to videos :blush: I know they work but let me double check it

Is there anything else required for this patch to work? I’m still unable to get anything other than the basic synth sound out of it. Will appreciate if you can take a look at this at some point.

are you using a Footswitch to change the pages and then set the values?

i just checked it and i found an error on the filter and distortion menu but this guy works as advertised jooga i am updating for those fixes

i think i made the mistake and only put that it needed footswitch on the facebook post jooga, sorry!!

I see, then it’s the footswitch… or the lack thereof. :slight_smile: I don’t have any at the moment but will get one in a week or so. So this patch will have to wait a bit :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback Patrick!

UPDATE: I have a Krigg drum pedal-trigger and thought I’d try and see if it works as a quasi-footswitch. It does, at least with Euclidean Haunt. Man, this patch is amazing! Right now I’m droning away with it. Crazy good. Again.

Look forward to checking this out. Hey @shreeswifty, you could still keep these on Patchstorage but just post the link instead of uploading. It would be a shame for more sample heavy, larger patches to be forgotten simply because they fall off the front page of this forum :slight_smile:

Very cool, I like the mixture of sampler/synth. Are the sounds produced through the xenakis synth also sourced from the wavetable samples? The keys don’t work like a normal scale but whatever I play seems to be in tune with the samples! It’s a hit.

the real key to this is the “Increments” parameters: hint! :slight_smile:

Very cryptic! So what’s the deal with this ‘increments’ terminology then? I take it isn’t the same as the -1.998 to 1.1998 ‘pitch’ values in Morphagene4, Count2Five etc then? It’s sounds the same to me in the wavetable pattern blips, intrigued…