PLUNK Drum Designer Instrument BETA

Hi Folks
This is an experimental drum maker based on an modal bar

aux buttons 1 & 4 turn on the euclidean sequence that you can tweak between 1 and 64 beats
Aux 2 reverses the phase of the drum levels
Au3 reverses the active modes

this one can makde some really fun interesting drum sounds from thudding kicks and toms to marimba style woodblock sounds.
Based on the research of David Rochesso this research is about 15 years old and i am reviving it for the pd-history project. It IS a Beta so i am interested in what your experience is. I think it could be cool with an eventual set of presets that can be saved and different sequencers but for now it just has the very simple euclidean math on menu 4


Love it. Has some really great low end to it.

you can also get marimbas if you tweak
try to shift the active mode and see what happens
Also there are 3 sets of levels which seems like overkill but until i find good names for them experimentatyion will produce some insanity :slight_smile:

yeah, it’s amazing! a huge variety of sounds.
any idea what kind of bpm the euclidean values represent? if any.

right now it’s just a fixed one @ but that can change of course