“Exception IndexError: ‘list index out of range’ in ‘liblo._callback’ ignored”

This error is (looping?) in the console of the Eyesy editor:

“Exception IndexError: ‘list index out of range’ in ‘liblo._callback’ ignored”

Is this anything I need to worry about - and if so, how to fix? (looks like there was discussion in ETC about this maybe being Midi/Knob related? Not sure)

Would a bad mode cause this? I’ve loaded some new ones recently but everything seems to be working.

Looking for where to focus troubleshooting efforts.

It would be helpful to determine which mode is causing the error message. With the EYESY console open, can you scroll through the modes one by one until you see the message appear?

Yes, I agree. The error message is constant no matter what mode I switch to. If we think it is a mode problem, and not a system wide problem (like with a hardware thing maybe) - then I can unload modes one by one and see if it “goes away”.

This kind of error is typically a mode-based programming error.

UPDATE: It appears the errors were caused by my Befaco VCMC (connected to the EYESY via MIDI) - when sliders #4 & #5 (which correlate to EYESY dials #4 & #5) - were moved beyond(?) the values of what the dials can do - caused the “out of range” messages. Once I zeroed the sliders, the errors went away. All modes functioning fine, no errors. Good to know.

If anyone ever encounters this error, hopefully this will help you, or at least offer something for you to check.

Thank you @chrisk for your help.