Extended mother patch and two synth patches (wavefolding, wavetable)

Hi all,
I’ve been playing around with organelle patches and I thought I’d share some stuff I’ve made.
StepMother is based on the desktop mother patch but adds some extra features (everything can be controlled via keyboard, filtered the keyboard keys, integrated sequencer and some other stuff). I made it to run Organelle patches on a raspberry pi, it makes it much easier to use without relying on a mouse.

I’ve also made 2 synth patches:
PolyFolder is a waveshaping/folding synth with four modes:
ApolloTone is a polyphonic synth that loads single cycle waveforms (users can add their own) and processes them through an envelope/filter, modulation and reverb/delay sections:

I’ve only tested the two synth patches on desktop/raspberry pi so let me know if there are any issues on the real hardware!

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Big fan of apollotone. Thanks for making/sharing!

Any plans for an Orac 2.0 version?

Thanks! I do plan on having a orac 2 version of this synth engine :slight_smile:
Out of curiosity, would you prefer the module keep the simplified control scheme where each knob cycles between presets for multiple parameters, or allow you to edit parameters (like attack, decay, cutoff) individually?

That’s great news that Apollotone is being converted :slight_smile:
Tough question about whether to keep it how it is or open up the params. I think the current ‘limited’ style works really well on organelle, it feels fast and focused. I seem to usually be able to find something close enough to what I need within the preset shapes etc.

But… The idea of having it fully tweakable is also really appealing… Without actually using that kind of version of it it’s kinda hard to guess which one I’d prefer personally. Sorry! Either of them in Orac 2 would be amazing tho :slight_smile:

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fwiw, id have though individual parameters will be easier to do in Orac…
but thats is said, without looking at your implementation.

(you dont want to get into a position where your storing preset data separate i’d say, although this is ‘supported’ (see sequencers) , but its not automatic)

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Yep it is easier to implement using individual parameters with ORAC. I started out with that approach, but I missed being ably to change may parameters with one knob a bit, as you could make new sounds really quickly.
One possibility might be to have the macro parameters, but if they are set to 0 they are overridden by other individual parameters.
These are ‘read-only’ presets btw so no user data needs to be stored.

I have the orac 2 module in a working state people can try out here:
(Unzip this to ‘media/orac/usermodules/synth’)
It doesn’t have the built-in effects anymore (you can use other modules for that), but I added some other features to make it more flexible. Currently, it has:

  • 1 wavetable oscillator with 80 wave types
  • 3 filter types (Digital bandpass, Digital lowpass, and Analog (moog lowpass emulation).
  • 2 envelope generators, one dedicated to amplitude, while the other one can be used for the filter or pitch.
  • LFO that can modulate pitch, amplitude, and filter
  • White noise generation

I was originally going to add multiple oscillators but decided against that, as you can achieve the same sounds and have more options by using multiples instances in one chain.

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to trying this out! :slight_smile: