EYESY Compatibility with Structure

I’m looking to expand my video synthesis hardware, and wish to know: Is EYESY compatible for use inside of Erogenous Tones Structure?

I’m aware there’s an input to receive PAL(and others) on the Structure module, but is there any stumbling block to prevent the two being compatible in ‘live’ capacity?

If it is possible could anyone with experience of the two in tandem share a few tips, that would be great.


Answering my own question:

EYESY hooks up just fine with Erogenous Tones Structure via a switchable CVBS (Composite) input. All of the adjustment parameters I’ve used, to-date, on the EYESY function as they should inside of Structure. This includes mode swapping.

There are a handy number of pre-set shaders in Structure ready to go straight out of the box which accommodate composite video input.

Looking forward to future experiments with EYESY here!



That is good to know. Are you using the NTSC or PAL format from the EYESY’s composite video out?

I’m using NTSC from EYESY as the composite video output, which, I presume, must be the default setting in Structure because the connection was made straight away. I understand Structure will accept PAL following a tweak to it’s VID or system file??

It’s all very new to me so I do stand to be corrected.

Yes, the EYESY’s default composite format is NTSC. You can change to PAL if you’d like from the settings page of the browser-based Editor.

We haven’t tried the Structure module so just curious how you were using it for future reference. Thanks again.

I took the time to check out the Editor’s NTSC & PAL switch. Thanks.

I’ve been into Eurorack for a couple of years, and have a keen interest in Art. I recently visited a Ryoji Ikeda installation in London, UK which blew me away. So, I sold some modules (as we do) and bought EYESY and Structure as means of motivating the Audio-visual artist in me. :grin:

To give you an idea of where I’m going with this: The post below is an EYESY vid composed of multiple ‘grabs’, and run through a self-designed Structure patch. Original Music.

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looks and sounds amazing!
Jealous of the Structure, it looks like awesome instrument.

I’m enjoying the integration of both synthesizers to be fair. They bring their own qualities in to the mix. Yes, Structure is special, but it did cost me the sale of a Moog synth, and a couple of Eurorack modules to get hold of one. But I’m very happy for sure.

So glad you enjoyed the Audio-visual piece, and thank you so much for your feedback! :pray::pray::pray:

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