Video Out Spec

hello, what is the video specification of the composite output in Eyesy?

The EYESY’s composite output can be configured for NTSC or PAL formatted signal. To select your format, see the last section of Chapter Four of the manual.


thanks, any information about the resolution of the signal in composite output?

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Here are the resolutions of the two standards:
PAL: 768x576
NTSC: 640x480

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connecting via HDMI my devices are recognising Eysey as 1280x720p device with 60Hz. Is there an option to increase the HDMI output to 1920x1080p 60Hz?

The problem is, that nearly all modes work with hardcoded positions. So a larger video-out does not help because the vectors do not point to the full range.

It might be interesting to replace all absolute x/y position definitions by a definition which is relative to the video resolution (see ETC-topic Use screen.get_width() in a mode - #3 by fanwander)

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On the EYESY this is already done for all the built in modes, so that they work at different resolutions.

Increasing res to 1920 will cause many of the modes to run more slowly. Changing to 1920 is possible, and the modes will still have the same proportions, but the change has to be done manually by editing /boot/config.txt


I see nothing in the manual about HDMI resolution and refresh rate. How can I change these?

@mikeleebirds Here is some info about changing resolution:

I don’t think refresh can be modified internally. Of course there are external options like dedicated video scalers and some video mixers have the built-in scaler. Also, it’s possible to change the resolution and refresh rate in computer, for example while working with already recorded material.

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