Eyesy in 3D anaglyph / SBS w/ visual synth video switcher

Eyesy & Visual Synth in 3D Anaglyph / SBS video switcher

Ipad pro hdmi output to roland v-1hd video switcher main audio and background video for depth
-the ipad’s output does not quite match the eyesy which creates depth or a second level
Audio output from the video switcher into the Eyesy (eyesy appears to be in the forground)
hdmi out of the eyesy into the video switcher
set the bpm on the video switcher to trigger @ project tempo
-mix / fx etc on the beat
Fugue machine sequencer triggers the VS visual synth (isf shaders) on ipad 3 midi channels / layers
fugue machine is audio and midi source for the first part of the video
korg gadget is the midi and audio source for the second part
using a 2D-3D convereter made a SBS video
using handbrake added the metadata to the video for Youtube to recognize either SBS or Anaglyph depending on devices

Lots of trial and error here but finally got a workable result. To view without red / cyan glasses you can use a cardboard viewer, a 3d tv or maybe an oculus?

hopefully a conversation starter, in over my head here but hoping to do some live visuals with these results this year sometime.