Eyesy shopping list

Hi, I’m new here. I’m eyeing up an Eyesy and would like to incorporate one into my DAW. What would I need to get this up and running? Ideally I’d like to produce something as a visual interest to accompany pieces of music.
Will I need another monitor or will a tablet do? Will I need video editing software or is this included with the Eyesy. Does it need a particular interface or will a USB hub suffice?
THanks in advance. G

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Inputs for Eyesy:

Audi: stereo 1/4 inch jack
Midi: 1/8 inch TRS type A

Outputs for Eyesy:

Hdmi or composite cable
Hdmi or composite generic usb capture card.
Software to record video. Eg Open Broadcast Studio

I have used a separate monitor or just the feed into OBS on my laptop.

Eyesy does not come with any software or cables other than a power supply.

Running a video feed into a regular tablet can be difficult, videos showing tablet like devices on the desktop are often just small monitors.

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Hi Syntheist, thanks for the info. Isn’t there a librarian or editor? Thought I saw something on a youtube promo vid. G

There isn’t a separate librarian, but you can access the directory with modes and even edit them directly on the Eyesy through a browser. The manual has a section on how to do this.

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So, to recap I’ll need a capture card, hdmi monitor and software. I recently downloaded Black magic designs Devinci, hopefully this will suffice? Regards G

software usually comes with the card. For example I’m using Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle as a capture card and for the recording I’ve downloaded Blackmagic Media Express. With this setup I’m not using HDMI monitor as the Media Express doubles as monitor. Because Intensity Shuttle does not work well with Eyesy I’m using Roland video mixer for rescaling/framing the signal. Sometimes I’m using just an external standalone recorder and in this setup I don’t need anything else (except HDMI and audio cables).

Black magic intensity shuttle? I’ll look that up. I bought a generic capture card. Never used one before so ought to be exciting when the Eyesy arrives. Thanks for the message G.

Intensity Shuttle is not really compatible with Eyesy so unfortunately I can not recommend this. It only works for me because in my setup signal is going trough a video mixer before it gets recorded with Shuttle. However this way it works great thanks to Blackmagic supporting its devices with free software recording environment called Media Express. Thats the only reason I mentioned it, to give example how sometimes the software comes with the capture card. If your card does not do that, no worries, there are plenty of other options.

BTW maybe you want to check out another topic about HDMI cables I’m going to make in a minute or so.

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I have to admit being disappointed that no cables or functional PSU were supplied with the Eyesy. I’m now having to wait for these to arrive in the post while my trial period ebbs away. I’ve had a look at the manual, quite surprised to find that files or modes can only be uploaded via WIFI? To be honest, that wasn’t the perception the promo video gave me. Will I have to buy a WIFI gadget to install data or is there another way please?

Sorry, new here. Could you send me a link for the HDMI topic? Listening to IRD, nice ethereal stuff. I have a friend from the UK who moved to Tallinn for the music culture. Regards G

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sure, here it is: HDMI cables
thanks for your kind words, always appreciate :smiley:

Thanks, it’s a first for me other than virtual snipping and pasting mpeg4s to a timeline. Is the USB plug for bluetooth or do I need a WIFI gadget? Regards G

Do you use a separate monitor from your music daw? I’ve ordered a couple of 2M cables, just studio work for me. USB-C or mini HDMI to a 15" monitor? Are these normal for the media? thanks G

I do most of my monitoring on my 15" laptop screen in the recording environment called Media Express. Here is the screenshot of what I usually see. When I like what I see I push the Capture button and it starts to recording.

Sometimes I do use external monitor and when I do I use HDMI cable directly from my video mixer. I also may use a tiny Atomos recording device and then I do the monitoring on the 4.3" built-in LCD. So there are several options but most of the time I’m using just my laptop screen.

If you want to use external display for monitoring before the computer you need to figure out how to split the HDMI signal to go to your capture card and to the external monitor at the same time. Some capture cards have built-in splitter. Some video mixers also do that. In that scenario I would use only HDMI cables. Of course, if you are monitoring after the computer you can use whatever external monitor/cable works with your computer.

Thanks for that. It looks quite involved. Video mixer? I’ve download Blackmagicdesigns Devinci, and OBS. Hopefully get to try it out next week pending the arrival of my 15" monitor. G

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Video mixer is not strictly needed. I like to use it for some live effects that are probably also possible to do in the computer. I’m using Roland V-8HD.

On further reading I notice that the micro card takes a wifi connection. Is it possible to load the data on the micro card using a usb adaptor plugged directly to the PC?