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Off the top of my head i’m thinking patches for sampling either live sampling or just sample playback, sequencing and arrangement, reverb or delay (using organelle as an fx unit) these would all be great. Just the thought of playing one instrument as a sampler, switching patches and having it be an effects unit gives me goosebumps!
I’m unfamiliar with pd, installing it right now. I feel i’ll have a better idea of what direction i’d want to explore for making patches once i’m slightly more familiar with the environment.


Yes! Those are all possibilities. The Organelle will ship with a bunch of synthesizing/sampling/fx default patches, but the real power is how it can be expanded.

Have fun checking out Pd! There are bunch of tutorials to check out here: https://puredata.info/docs/tutorials


Honestly, I plan on using the organelle like a midi utility knife for doing weird shit.

Here’s what i’ve been thinking about:

  • Midi clock multiply/divide
  • Patch librarian, patch randomizer, patch interpolation (defined on a per-model basis for other synthesizers)
  • Midi message filter / converter (think about playing your kaossilator pro’s with a keyboard)
  • Scale mapping / Note quantization, custom scales, micro-tuning (changing fine tune on per-note basis)
  • Patch (SysEx | bank+program) load on note press (could have a drum kit split across patches on a microkorg, different notes load and send a note-on. would be interesting.)
  • Multiple midi arpeggiators, CC lfo’s
  • Conditionally sending out midi messages
  • Making a virtual midi patch bay, chaining parameters together
  • Change response curves for CC’s
  • Implement Poly-chain for devices which don’t have it (microkorg/ms2000, for instance)


An Electro Harmonix 45000 patch

  • 4 mono tracks
  • overdubbing
  • reverse recording
  • adjustable loop speed

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