Spectral Processing [Soundhack] for +organelle~ begins

+bubbler is a granular delay in which grains are pulled from the delay line with randomized start time, delay time, reversal, panning and pitch shift values. As pitch shift can be distributed to multiple simultaneous grains.

+bubbler uses 8 channels of grains which can give you an extremely dense cloud of sound. Good for creating ambient chordal washes from simple material.

Finally spectral processing on the organelle!

i still cannot post anything to patch storage so here is the first spectral processor from soundhack
I’m so happy …can you all tell? lol


This makes me really happy.
+bubbler is one of my favorites, and it’s now on Organelle!
Fantastic work.

this is ace man, nice one :slight_smile:

i was having trouble with patch storage all week so i will be uploading the patches soon!
i think we have a full featured instrument now i am completely overjoyed


Another brilliant patch, I love these spectral ones!

I can’t seem to get dry signal through the patch though, anyone having the same problem?

here is the final fix for +pitchdelay~ i had an issue where i did the edit then saved over the darn thing

and +bubbler~

found a bug with the clean inputs
both are updated on patch storage


You rock, thanks! :slight_smile:

Sound working great in both now! Great sounds. Is there a good way to ensure screenlines show what each knob does and it’s current value on arriving at a new page? At the moment I have to adjust parameters in order to find out what they are, which sometimes ruins the sound. I’m dying to use some of your recent patches live but would find it hard to for this reason at the moment.

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i was reviewing the knob control and i think the closest Patch that comes to what you are talking about is the RAIME one it has midi pick up of values. i am going to start using that one more often for precisely what you are talking about
Alot of these patches are designed quickly as a proof of concept in certain cases but certainly can be adapted for a live environment, until then i guess you could go by ear and just use the values as visual confirmation. i was using them all weekend in the studio with the kind of having it set and bringing in the bubbler/delay effects but i feel ya.

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I’m sure @Blavatsky or perhaps someone else made a skeleton patch for helping with paging and values. Might be on patch storage I’ll look when I get home.

I see from the comments you already saw it yourself! But sod it I’ll post anyway maybe for others
Credit to Baptiste! Though Blavatsky is very talented regardless :slight_smile:

Thanks! This might be another option for a Skeleton if you are on 2.0 and want 8 pages

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Hey Swifty,

I can’t seem to find bubbler anywhere, the dropbox links seem to have died. Can you post it again?

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bubbler is up on patchstorage methinks

I don’t see a download button for it on patch storage for some reason.

Ya when I go to patch storage it’s just a jpeg

Hey @shreeswifty :slight_smile:

Any updates on these externals? The links dont seem to work and also link on patch storage doesnt work.

I see on their homepage there are 2 version of linux version fo these externals 32 & 64 bit. Can I just take them from there and if so, whihc version should I grab?



i don;t control patchstorage but there was a whole set of them uploaded there that worked.
You would want to grab the 32bit externals so you can build your patches around those but i compiled mine so YMMV