Fluidsynth~ Vintage Synth Series: JUPITER 2.2 update

ANd…i just found and squashed a bug in the filter. it never ends lol

Have a spritzer dude, you earned it :smiley:
Neuron synth sounds incredible btwww

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Thank you !
I drove to the record store to get some vinyl and spend some gift certificates but they closed early for the Eclipse lol…

wow! each one has 128 presets AND THEY ALL SOUND DIFFERENT! WONDERFUEL!


glad you like it

This is the 2.1 Update of the Jupiter Fluidsynth for Organelle
Menus have been cleaned up [4 now instead of 8]
Filter Replaced [replaced SVF~ with a more stable BiQuad Filter
Mod/LFO has been replaced with a SIMPLE ADSR page

Main “Synth” Page Changes:
1.) Synth Presets and Bank Selection are more user friendly
It is now possible to select each bank instead of cycling through them
2.) Soundfonts are no longer hard-coded so you can re-name the patches to stuff like
"shree rocks the fuck out" stuff like that.
3.) Line 5 will show the current loaded soundfont

4.) 38 Jupiter Soundfonts + a Roland Sound Canvas MultiBank Instrument included
Aux button Selects Soundfont
Footswitch selects soundfonts as well for changing fonts on different pages

Reverb Page Changes
1.) You can now Dial in Reverb Algorithims

2.) Aux button Turns Reverb on/off

Filter/Seq Page changes

Tiny 16 Step Auto Record Sequencer is included
Green Led is ON/Red is Off

A Future version will have the Clds reverb option



On the Proteus 2.1 and the Jupiter 2.1 I found that when holding down more than one key then notes start cutting out. Kind of seemed like the same issue for both. It didn’t happen on the first versions. They played really smoothly. Has anyone else found this? I haven’t yet tried the Arp 2.1, Fairlight 2.1 or Sequential 2.1.

Do you know what the ADSR is?

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vaguely. just from playing around on my monologue really, and that is only one note at a time anyway. I know that the envelope resets upon each key press on the monologue, so I’m guessing that’s what is happening here?

Yes. Otherwise the notes might ring out forever and we lose definition.
But i do see that we have the page 3 Aux button available so i can put in an ADSR - on/off switch. so folks can choose which one they prefer. That should cover both sides of the coin.

how does that sound?

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ah, okay, I see. I’m learning.

I think an on/off switch would be brilliant.

i put the ADSR on there for sequences and design but if we find we don’t need it we can switch it out, but i think an on/off will give us the option and options are always good :slight_smile:


The Jupiter Synth link has earned a popular link so it will get an update next week !

I am glad people are enjoying and using it

Stay Tuned!



Maybe there’s something big that I’ve got wrong or maybe I’m noobing and don’t know it, but did anyone else ever get no sound from this patch at all?

It’s not my Organelle, my other patches play. Am I supposed to use this while connected to my computer?

much humility and many thanks :sweat:

Yes, you need to have the FluidSynth Installed from patchstorage to load the Soundfonts [FluidSynth uses them to load preset sounds [think of them like Instrument Presets similar to Ableton/Logic for the Synths. Also you need Install-LADSPA, which i am about to off-load and make available on Patch storage too.


it’s alive!

great! All the Synth emulations will receive an 2018 update so enjoy, FluidSynth gives us an access to both computer AND Synthesizer history so i am glad it worked out

do you mind if I create a ZOP version of this for OS 3.0 ?

the advantage is not only an easier install for users, but also will work on the new SD card image.

NO i do not but ALSO i need to add something!

I have a new patch coming out today that needs three files from libstk

libstk.zip (1.0 MB)

it enables my version of Dan Trueman’s “Munger” to work properly
I can build a deploy if you need me too but if you are going to do this please add them they are unique and will not interfere with anything we are doing and it will help csound later on in 2018