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Rev.1 (April 28): okay, i feel this is patch mostly finished. Added three banks of presets (15 presets), some little fixes and improvements. ToDo: I will add a few more banks of presets in the near future…

Beta 4 (April 17): I feel this will be (hopefully) the last beta. Graphics are all done and not glitchy anymore. Two more presets. A few little fixes. (Still no real title screen, as I can’t come up with a good name for this patch (suggestions are highly appreciated))

Beta 3 (April 5): Added MIDI Sync capabilities for the LFO, a choice of reverb settings, a few presets and some additional graphics…

Beta 2 (March 22): Added VCO as MOD destination for the LFO, Audio doesn’t cut abruptly when entering shift mode (AMP EG finishes his cycle), added an animation…

Instruction (please read!!!):

Knobs (always) control: AMP EG, Filter EG, Cutoff and Resonance. To access other parameters, press and hold Aux-Button to enter shift mode and hit corresponding key. See pic for overview:



This is great! Got to play with it for a few minutes, here’s a few questions/thoughts:

Great sound, SUPER COOL menus and graphics. Patch feels pretty intuitive, didn’t take long to remember which key changed what in shift mode.

Likely these things are still in development –

Shift mode cuts out the audio, sort of a bummer when trying to edit parameters.
Couldn’t figure out what the LFO was mapped to, didn’t seem to change the sound at all
Any plans for adding parameters to the fx section?

Overall a lot of fun!

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Hey thanks for the feedback :smile:! LFO is currently mapped to the VCF (I’m planning on mapping it to the OSC pitch as well to do FM and let you choose mod destination) For the LFO to have an affect, you have to increase its AMT, but I did have a little bug in the patch when I first uploaded it (have put up a new version in the meantime… last minutes edits… always bad ideas…) so it possible that the bug was interfering with it.

Regarding Fx parameters: What did you have in mind? (I couldn’t give full control as there are way too many parameters, but maybe one or two parameters)

Currently I need the sound to cut out, otherwise I couldn’t use the keys of the Organelle (or you would always hear notes when changing parameters). But maybe a external midi-keyboard version of the patch would make sense, where the organelle keys don’t trigger notes)

Awesome – mapping a s&h LFO to filter cutoff is one of my favorite things. :smiley:

I’m seeing a few different chorus and phasers. Both effects work great with adjustable depth and rate. Whats the difference between each of the modes?

Makes sense to me, hard to offer suggestions since I don’t know PD. If I were to do it on Axoloti I would make aux cut the cord to triggering the vca, but leave it active in the audio chain so anything already sounding could ring out depending on envelope settings. Again – maybe not easy/possible in PD.

Just think of all the extra settings you could add if you didn’t need the note keys! LOL :wink:

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Ah yes, sorry I didn’t get your point before. True, currently I just crudely cut the sound. Although you can’t just cut the cord (as you would get stuck notes) there’s ways to make that happen. Will definitely include that in the next version! Good point!

With chorus there’s depth, rate, mix, feedback and delay time. Phaser has rate and depth. As I use stereo chorus and phasers you have double that regarding parameters to control. So maybe not that feasible… Currently I have made presets with different settings (=the difference between the modes)… but I could include more…

Regading keys: I’d like to reserve about 7 keys for loading (press) and saving(press&hold for like 1 sec) presets… but that could take some time to implement as I have figure out how it was done in the “glassfm” and “juno104” patch…

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it’s marvelous! the sound is ace.

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This is sooooo good. Thank you for making it :slight_smile:
Is there any way of adding option to sync LFO to incoming clock?

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I havnt had the chance to test this yet but those beautiful graphix really makes me think that it would be a very good idea to make a few standard patches one could use as sub patches to make the oeganelles screen shine. Building blocks for patches.


I made a few graphical templates, pretty much for this purpose. Here try them out (19.6 KB)
(there are all in a “demo form”, so you can directly load them on the Organelle and try them out). I haven’t added any documentation and I think for them to be practical to other people I would have to refine them a bit. But @ everybody please feel free to use them in whatever way you want…

the graphics on this one are indeed wonderful!

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There should be a way: As soon the patch reads external clock it would have to automatically switch into an other mode (which some C&G patches do, so it has been done :wink: ) changing the controls and the menu. Now, this could prove to be rather complicated to integrate into the GUI and overall controls (the feature itself is rather straightforward), so not sure if and how fast I could implement it. But I agree, it would be a really fancy feature!!!

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would it be easier to just make an alternate version of it or still a bit tricky? Either way, it’s so great (which is why I want it to be syncable in a larger setup :wink:) - so thanks again just for making it

Okay, I’ve been playing with this for a while and I love it. The gui interface elements are intuitive and fun. I also like the shift parameters but from a bit of a departure from what’s happening with the knobs. With the knobs I can immediately hear what’s happening and see how the image correlates to the effect of the sound. With the shift keys the sound cuts out and I have to hunt and peck for the right parameter. Just giving my opinion fwiw but I would like to see aux leading to ANOTHER set of visual parameters instead. Regardless of how you decide to do it, keep going! This is great.

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Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback! As you can imagine designing a patch for the Organelle is about compromises and dealing with limitations. One knob per function is usually the best way to do things, but with 4 knobs this becomes complicated/impossible. Therefore one has set priorities. For me it was two things: Fast & convenient access to parameters and having all the essential functions to get a wide array of classic synth sounds. If you know what you’re looking for, it takes just a few seconds to dial in the sound with this patch.

Downside: This synth has very limited number of parameters to shape while performing/playing and doesn’t make it easy to explore synthesis in general. If you know what certain parameter will do to the sound, then that’s not a big problem, if not then it becomes a bit tedious.

Now I feel I would have sacrifice one thing for the other, so it’s hard for me to imagine what I could do to make it better (but I’m open to ideas and suggestions :smiley:)

Regarding graphics: Currently the Shift-Menu gives you an overview of parameters. What I could do and I am considering as a possibility is having a graphic representation pop up briefly when changing a certain parameter (changing OSC1 to a square-wave, voilà you see a squarewave on the screen). But as making graphics for the Organelle is a bit of pain in the ass, I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort… What were you hoping for?

So I thinking that having a button to turn on&off midi-sync seems to be the best way to do it and not overly complicated. I’ll see what I can do!!!

Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy you like it!

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I hope I’m not coming across as too critical. I really do appreciate the work you are putting in to this. I guess what I’m trying to do is give you user experience kind of feedback. Graphics with the shift menu would indeed be very cool. I was envisioning an all graphical interface for the whole synth but I realize that would be a lot of work. It’s just nice to get some visual feedback to the sounds. I also don’t have a huge problem with text interfaces.

Sounds really great!
I tried bypassing the reverb and I think I prefer it that way. It’s an easy local modification, but it might be useful to have that as an option (or maybe be able to cycle through some reverb/delay settings).

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No worries, I appreciate getting your input (and feedback in general). I was just trying to spell out the general situation I am in and trying to give you an idea what my thought process is.

I’m trying out this plate-reverb abstraction from the else-library and I do feel it’s an improvement over Freeverb~(which i don’t really like that much). Do you feel the reverb itself is not really good? Having different settings seems like a good idea, as you would gain flexibility, while still keeping it simple.

Its just my general preference is to as little reverb as possible, I think it does sounds good.

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