Flying with the Organelle; hand luggage?


It’s maybe a little of topic, but I didn’t really know where to ask this. I guess some of you have travel experiences with the Organelle.

So I’m flying from Europe to Indonesia this summer for a project. I want to take some electronic gear with me (like: audio interface, hand recorder, pc, organelle, pedals, cables, cassettes,…). Does anyone have experiences whether or not it is allowed to take with you in you hand luggage?
And if not allowed, is it safe to take it in the main luggage?
I’m flying with Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

Thanks for the help!


Never had the slightest problem with equipment you mention; Organelle included, always with me for in flight enjoyment;-) (Oh and yes AP works nicely up in the air)
Just have all things organised and ready to show (I have see thru bags)
Stewards do get all smiles and ask what it is.


I’ve never had an issue with any electronic (including organelle) or computer gear as hand luggage … even modular and diy electronic stuff, which can look pretty ‘suspicious’ with all the spare wires/cabes :wink:

they asked about it this weekend flying back from Berlin, they just asked what it was, and a Bela board which was hand soldered, they took off to manually re-scan with some other scanner they had.

usually my biggest problem is weight allowance … and as @keymanpal said, the slight hassle of emptying it all out for customs.

I guess there might be some variations at different airports on procedures etc.

I don’t think its the airlines responsibility, so dont think they have much of a say of whats allowed… they seems to care more about weight and size due to restricted overhead locker space.

so dont think you’ll have any issues, I guess contact the airline if you’re really concerned.

enjoy your trip :slight_smile:


Ive taken two separate organelles through customs uk-se asia with zero issues in hand luggage. Aside from boarding in the phillipines where they had a ‘no wires’ in hand luggage rule. Had to pay extra for cabin baggage there. Best to check their customs rules online i guess.

Same here, no issues except having to take everything out to out in the bin for the scanner.

Though last time — I made it through security fine and a flight attendant asked what I was working with, then had to check with the captain to make sure a synthesizer (an Axoloti, but boxed up nice) was ok to use during the flight. :smile:

Ahah yeah, how to get attention Knob twiddling = AxoControl, I never dare to take mines out in flight :wink:

Does this mean you were at Superbooth? I thought mine was the only Organelle in town (well the FEZ).

Yup :slight_smile:
Bumped into quite a few Orac users whilst I was there which was really nice :slight_smile: :wave: