Footswitch as aux button - feature request

Hi all,
I understand it’s possible to edit patches to have the footswitch act as the aux button,
I think it might be possible to edit the mother.pd patch as well, to have it work on all patches,
I’ve not yet digged into pure data, need more time.
I feel like in a lot of patches, especially those with sampling/recording features, a footswitch as aux button would be very nice.

So I may ask this as a feature, in the pedal setup, a “aux button” switch mode.
I’m sure this can be useful to many.

What do you think?

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I was going to do this in 3.1, but had no feedback during the beta phase - so promptly forgot about it.

( not sure about a 3.2 beta yet, as don’t have a lot to add at the moment, and until I get a more significant set of changes - it would not be worth c&g releasing - but will consider it)

Too bad !
I will remind you for the next beta :slight_smile:
In the mean time , that’s a good excuse for me to start learning PD.
I’m sure the modification is relatively easy to do in mother.pd…
Or can a patch be run once in a session and route the footswicth to aux until shut down ?

yeah, its trivial to do in mother.pd. just [r fs], and convert it to [s aux] (basically)

you can choose to put mother.pd in either system or patch directory to decide if its for all patches or just one.
(because some patches may have explicit support for fs which you want to keep )
see releases/beta posts about this topic.

has to be done every time a patch is run, but that’ll happen anyway if your changes are in mother.pd

Note: the reason override mother.pd is not perfect (and we avoid) is when new releases are made , mother.pd may have been updated, for new functionality - having an old mother.pd (your copy) hanging around can break the functionality.

that said in 3.x, I introduced versioning, so what now happens is if the Organelle deems that you patch is ‘incompatible’ then it will move your mother.pd to one side (not delete it!) , and revert to the new mother.pd …
(it does warn about this, but you wont see the warning, you’ll just suddenly find your ‘extra’ functionality no longer works - and on inspection find your mother.pd renamed :wink: )

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So you can just put a mod mother.pd in any patch, and it will override the system mother.pd ?

yes, thats correct

thank you very much for all these informations.
I will now try to make PD and mother.pd run on my desktop.


You wouldn’t need to do this in mother.pd either, if you wanted this functionality in an individual patch you could just hook up [r fs] to [s aux] on main.pd or any of the referenced sub-patches.

Ok, so I have learned to use mother-desktop.pd to test patches on desktop.

I’ve passed the pd-vanilla/pd-extended problem, understanding that you can make/preview patches only in pd-extended, then add the module/libs needed to your patches to have them run on the organelle. (finding which are missing by trying to run your patch in pd-vanilla and getting them from here

I’m testing stuff on the basic sampler patch in which I find out that the foot switch is connected to the record function with the aux button.
So it turns out that my foot switch don’t work (it’s a sustain pedal from a nord electro).
I also have a generic expression pedal (that work well with the nord electro) and it doesn’t seem to work either.

I don’t understand how the pedal setup work, i assume that the modes (patch or favorites) is if you want to have it switching patches in the patch folder or the favorite list, but what if you don’t wan’t any of those options ? Am I missing something ?

Does I need to get another foot switch, one already known to work ?
Or how can I debug/test my sustain pedal in PD ?

‘Patch’ pedal mode means sends the footswitch message to the patch - it’s not switching

my bad, (I’ve just read it in the beta thread).

so a basic sustain pedal should work great or is it more complicated ?
(depending on models)

should be fine (obviously functionality depends on patch support) , Ive got a yamaha and boss fs-6 , both work fine.

the easiest way I find to test is looking at mother.pd and seeing if the fs checkbox is toggling as expected.
(so run pd on the organelle on an hdmi monitor or something )