Using foot-pedal to switch between modes

Hi guys

I’ve never used PD but was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to program a simple function for the foot-pedal to switch to the next alphabetical instrument loaded into the Organelle!

It seems like something which could be useful for anyone who uses the Organelle live. Having to switch between instruments obviously takes you out of the music.

Does anyone have any ideas? It would be much appreciated!



If you’re talking about changing through patches from the menu - I don’t think that could be done inside PD, would have to be at the system control level. Somebody else might be able to confirm/correct me for you.

Instead of taking this approach - it might make more sense to send MIDI ‘Program Change’ messages to the Organelle with a MIDI foot controller.

yup, @Wannop is totally correct…
switching of patches is only via program changes…

however, i should add some details :wink:

  • it is the PD mother patch that actually make this midi to program change mapping!
    what this means is, if in your patch you want to make it happen, you can send a ‘pgmchg’ OSC message to mother host, to make the change.
    if you wanted this to happen for all PD patches, then you would need to override the mother.pd patch.
  • from the next release (or my current TB beta) , this is going to select from the ‘favourites’ list, the idea behind this, is it makes more sense for a ‘set list’… also of course, its possible you might have more than 127 patches on your organelle, it means you can choose from your ‘selection’ :wink:
    (also the use of folders, makes the notion of a alphabetic list of patch less meaningful)

Hi guys, thanks for your help.

So @thetechnobear - would your favourites list allow what I suggested in any way?

Is it impossible to get the footpedal to send this ‘pgmchg’ message you speak of?

If so maybe I’m best off contacting Critter and Guitari.

Very little is impossible in software :wink:
But it’s not coded to do this…

It’s interesting idea for an addition, though it would have to be an opton/switchable, since many use the foot switch for something else (most notably sustain)

that should be very easy with a simple counter on a program change message
i DO think it will be cyclical though 0-127 unless a +/- button is added for add/subtract etc…

I’ve asked Critter & Guitari if they’re able to work something out for this.
@shreeswifty - how easy are we talking?

Anything is possible Dominic.
You use a counter or a modulo_counter and bang it with the foot switch 1-x

Hi Patrick,

I’m showing the rookie-level of my Pure Data knowledge here but that means very little to me…

Any chance you can put this into a layman’s terms?

Thanks so much for your help

modulo is a counter that lets you count up to a value and then loop around so if you have 10 presets or modes you would have a

modulo_counter 10 0
[number box]

each bang advances the counter

modulo_counter is in IEMLIB

I hope this helps!