Friendly interface for Eyes

Thinking about trying the Eyesy out once more. Is there an accessible interface for it yet? I don’t want to repeat the previous error of registering it via ‘python’ as it damaged the unit, and is now out of warrantee. Thanks G

I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

Could you clarify what it is you’re seeking to do?

In terms of interacting with the back end and editing or creating new modes this is covered in the manual.

If you don’t know pygame you’ll really benefit from getting a basic understanding of how that works.

Hi, I’d love to create some new modes, maybe integrate jpegs or something too. I wasn’t aware of a manual or ‘Pygame’. The first unit I had stopped working after I tried to register it, something other users have experienced. As my Eyes is no longer under warrantee, I feel reluctant to take it online. I did try the FB group but they weren’t very friendly.

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Here is a link to the printer and mobile friendly version of the Eyesy manual:

Sections 4 & 5 are the parts you will need to understand in order to edit modes. A great starting point for research.

With the information in the manual you’ll be very safe

I don’t know what register means in this context.

For sure the best place to get help with Eyesy is this forum.

Keep in mind you can always reflash the Eyesy Firmware and get back to factory.

Thanks Guys.