Generative Ambient Synth patches?


I am looking for a patch that generates ambient, evolving synth pads. Like, something that is basically an ambient box that you give it some “suggestions” on notes and it just… makes pretty ambient stuff. I’ve found a few generative patches that produce beats or rhythms, but nothing for ambient pads.

Basically, a patch that is “calming sounds in a box”. One that doesn’t require external sound sources or excess work to build.

Do folks know of any patches that fit this bill? Or is this something I may have to build myself (once I actually get around to learning PureData)?

Hello there,

The simplest way I’ve found to do this is using orac (or orhack) and combining the ‘notegen’ sequencer with a synth module and fx of your choice. It allows you to assign different percentage values to different notes, determining their likelihood of playing. You can also use an lfo to modulate the percentages over time, though I haven’t messed around too much with the possibilities there. If you haven’t looked into orac on the organelle yet it is worth it just for that, very quick way to get soothing ambience once you figure out the method.

You can also find a patch with a built in arpeggiator that has a ‘random’ option, set it to latch, play a bunch of notes, and adjust the sound and tempo to taste. I’ve used this patch to get nice droney meditation backgrounds: Meet Cassie XL | Patchstorage

Hope this helps!

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