Generative Orac patch question

Hi. First of all I’m a complete incompetent newbie when it comes to Organelle or synths in general.
My question:
I want to create simple generative patches on Orac. Is there a way to create a module that generates random notes (set in a certain key).
The sound I have in my mind is just slow notes in a randomized pattern coming in and out.
Not sure if orac is suited for more complexe generative patches but if so I’d love some ideas.

Anyways, appreciate the help!

I’ve been thinking that maybe a Korg sq-1 in randomised pattern could work - if so is it easy to sync up the two? Again, I know nothing about midi and the like to please answer me like I completely new at this (because I am ahah).

I’d prefer not to spend money on a sq1 if that can be done in the Organelle already. I’d be content with something very simple since the use I envision for this is simple, somewhat evolving or changing ambient drones.

In orac there’s a module called notegen under the sequence section.
If you put that in A1 then have your synth or sample in A2. If you go go to A1 you can start programming what specific notes you want and the probability by going through the multiple pages. Note it starts automatically when speed is more than 0ms
*Although Ive noticed theres no way of getting the C to be 0. its alwas got a minimum probability of 50 which can be edited in Pd. Will try my hand at it.

There are other ways to simulate randomised arps by using the sequence module in A1, record your synth/sample loop, A2 have your synth/sample and A3 can be a slicer (which is a little tricky at first but you get the hang of what each parameter does after a while).

Would be cool to have a stand alone probability module that could control your arp/sequence but for now these seem to get intereting sounds.

Cant speak for the sq1 but the organelle can do a lot with tinkering and forum diving :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! Didn’t have notegen since I had the previous orac version.

Yeah there some new patches/modules on pathstorage that are worth looking at as well. Definitely get this if you haven’t Improved sequencer modules for Orac that clock for S2 is great.