Getting an overview of available patches?

Ah great ideas! I am pasting from my own markdown editor (I use and love Ulysses)…which discourse seems to parse well.

To be honest it’s weirdly meditative to populate this list. I’m really enjoying it when I can grab a few minutes here and there.

I thought about categories–much like folders that many of us use on our device–but I decided against it in favor of a flat list organized alphabetically. I think there is too much overlap and subjective categorization that you might look for a patch in the ‘sampler’ group, for example, but find it tucked under a ‘synth’ because it does granular stuff…and oh yeah it has ‘effects’ as well.

The curl terminal command worked for me!

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and re: categorization, @shreeswifty patches would have their own category entirely :wink:

yeah, on my organelle i organise as

C&G -> Synth,Fx,Sampler,Other
Others -> Synth, Fx, Sampler, Other

but actually found that a bit of a pain (*), so seem to be simply heading to
C&G, Others, Mine (or even just putting mine in top level)

(*) because I do not keep up with C&G releases, so sometimes just re-download them all, which means re-sorting them, which I cant be bothered with :wink:

… what we really should do is distribute a ‘meta info’ file with every patch, that could then have tags, so we could sort/search on the organelle.

complete aside, I found the same ‘fun’ in Orac, trying to just separate FX (F-xxxxx) from Synths (S-xxxxx),
and similarly think Im going to have to introduced a concept of ‘factory’ modules and ‘user’ modules (because the former are all replaced on a new/upgrade install, but the later we do not want to overwrite)

so its not an easy thing…

anyway, its great job your doing, once we have the ‘base’ (which is the hard bit!) , then we can easily reformat to make it easier when you come to print it/have it locally… and also descriptions can be revised/improved by others if they think some need clarification.

oh, and quite like the alphabetic list, it removes any concept of priority, or subjectiveness.
and its pure coincidence that im going to release a patch called Aardvark soon :wink: