Testing Organelle M patches for compatibility with Organelle 1


I’ve created a new patch on the Organelle M that I’d like to share with the community on Patchstorage, but I’ve stumbled upon a potential issue that others might deal with too. How do we test our Organelle M patches for compatibility with the original?

I’ve asked for help on the Patchstorage Discord channel, but unfortunately no one with the original has been able to test the patch for me yet. I’m specifically worried about the polyphony being too taxing.

Any ideas for me and other patch creators? Maybe we can come up with a plan going forward? Just thinking on the spot, but maybe we could submit patches to C&G? Or an emulator? It would be best not to split the compatibility of patches unless they have M specific features.


can we have a link to it on PatchStorage?

you can always mark it as ‘help needed’ or ‘work in progress’ if its not completely finished yet.

2 issues you might face:

  • using PD 0.49 features,
    currently organelle-1 users will have to use my PD 49 update to use these, not an issue but something to be aware of
  • performance,
    if assuming you are not using poly~ , then it will be single core, so probably only need 10-20% cpu headroom, so reduce the number of voices appropriately.
    my plan (for orac and my patches) is to move to using [clone] so its easier to modify number of voices, but unfortunately it appears you cannot alter this count dynamically… which is a pity as patch could then adapt voices depending if running on M or 1.
    I think the only way to do this, is instead to use the dsp bypass on the subpatch, but thats is not simple PD code :wink:

note: when creating Orac modules, none of this really should be a problem, as you really don’t want an individual module using all the CPU , even on an M. though, Ideally, I want to re-code some modules so that the mono/poly versions are the same module code , just with a mono switch.


Thanks! I didn’t want to ping all the subscribers on PatchStorage with a broken patch, but I forgot about the tags, which changes expectations. Right now the patch is available on GitHub. I just want to add Sequencer 3 support before I upload it to PatchStorage.