Questions regarding browsing/selecting patches

EDIT: I just found this interview on reddit which answered my questions :slight_smile: (link)

So, since the Organelle just runs PD, I am assuming that you can have many PD patches running simultaneously (at the expense of latency).

However, I am curious how we will go about this if we don’t have a mouse/keyboard/monitor.
Will we need any peripherals in order to browse and load patches? I’m not talking about creating patches here, just selecting and viewing active patches.

If we can do this with peripherals, what is the current method of doing so?

do you guys have a manual that we can read, yet?

Working on manual…stay tuned.

The long answer is in the link you sent which has an overview of the instrument. In short, nothing additional is needed to browse and load patches. The onboard screen simply lists patches stored on the USB stick. Press down on the select knob to load a patch, and that’s it!


Sorry for posting on an old thread, but I just got my organelle yesterday and am working my way through the forum for the first time.

I was thinking about this last night and wondering how hard it would be to group patches into folders, say all the synth patches, the looper style patches, the effects processors, or whatever grouping you might want. It’s not really a problem now as the number of patches is manageable, but as they increase in abundance, I think it will get confusing to remember which ones are effects vs. synths, etc…