Granular Freeze EDIT wanted... :)

Hi everybody !

I’m working on my live setup, and i plan to use the organelle mostly as a vocal FX.
I’m really impressed by the Organelle and it’s really the kind of instruments i was waiting for years!

I never touched pure data in my life and i tried to edit the “Granular Freeze” patch… but i suck too much.

I just want to add one feature i like in the “Grain Freeze” of Max4Live : having a “start point” knob, instead of the “density” knob (knob 3). I want to have a fixed density (let’s say at 50%). And use the mapple knob on the left to record a loop.

Let’s repeat in an other way:

Mapple key on the left : is that key technically record a loop ? Is that case that’s perfect, i need this to interact with my knob 3.

  • knob 1 : still the same
  • knob 2 : still the same
  • knob 3 : fix the density problem in the patch, i want a fixed density (like 50%). Then use this knob to change the “Start Point”, as does the knob 3 in the “Nori Sampler”.
  • Knob 4 : still the same

Does anyone can explain me how to do ? :slight_smile: I tried by myself but it’s really hard to decrypt all those numbers and code names… !

And Critter and Guitari, congratulation, i can’t wait to use the organelle in live!



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