Granular sampler in ORAC?!

is there any granular sampler for ORAC?!
like Nori Grains maybe ?!
or maybe som1 could port Nori Grains on ORAC!?

thanks big time.

clds comes built into orac right? pretty flashy granular sampler right there man. there’s the slicer module and granular freezer module too. not sure if nori grains has been ported.

clds is a granular fx not a granular sampler.

there is a granular engine in Samplement (fantastic sampler)

but it’s not too deep…

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clds is a ‘texture synthesiser’ or sampler with the ability to replay the sample very shortly after it has been written to the buffer. the sample can be frozen then the grain can be played with a keyboard. it’s in the fx category but just like the eurorack module you can use it as a synth. you might need to be more specific as to what you are looking for. nori grains isn’t deep either, and it’s function can be pretty easily replicated in clds.
a super powerful multilayered multivoiced granular sampler with all
bells and whistles a-la Ableton’s Grain Scanner or similar might be beyond the organelles processing power.

thank you - but try to play in a live act with clds…:slight_smile:
its not very handy to freeze the buffer etc as its layout now…
I was thinking of smth basic but clean and usable like

That’s a good one - could you use that?

I was mixed up on earlier posts - clds is not really much like nori grains. Also the playable pitched keyboard trig behaviour that i remembered in an old port of clds to organelle no longer seems to be there. :confused:

yes I will use that - and its great - but thats not modular - as in ORAC…
( I cant add any fx over it etc…)

Nori Grains is already available in Orac. You need to comb the web for it perhaps.

nori sampler yes
nori grains- not found:(

Oh sorry, yeah I was thinking Nori Sampler