Groovy Thing

I wanted a groove machine. So I created my own. Orac can do all this but I don’t really enjoy using the encoder when playing a patch. This uses Aux + Keys to change patches but obviously isn’t as flexible as Orac.

Plays Septavox and DX7 synths, samples, fx, has a drum machine and a looper to record stuff.

There will be bugs if anyone wants to try and use it too as there’s a lot going on and I need to tidy it up. Message me if any issues.

Oh, only works on the Organelle M & S as uses 3 of the core processors to do all that.


Adding a few sequencers to make it more fun.


Groovy smile !


Nice! Couple of gaps bottom right for sequencers.

Now updated on patchstorage adding 2 sequencers and effect sends in mixer including drums.


Looks like a very nice patch but I just can´t get my head around how to use it…is there anywhere any kind of instructions / manual? Tried to record a sample now for awhile without any success at all…

I just found a serous manual in the patchfolder, thanks!

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