Guitarists: What are your favorite Organelle patches to process guitar?

I’m fond of the Clds port! What others? :grinning:

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I’ve found some intended emulation of pedals (e.g. RP, C25, Infinite Jets), but am having a hard time getting anything usable --or anything at all!-- out of them.

Other suggestions?

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Hmm, I suppose it depends what i’m after! If I want to play the guitar, I usually go with Orac, to me it’s such a diverse platform for guitar. Today I was improvising over a polybeat+synth sequence.

I also love sample based patches with guitar. loop jam record is a favorite, as well as mutations, and Nori grains/ sampler. These really encourage me to think about music differently than I normally do! They require more interaction with the organelle itself, and are nice when jamming with others especially, or recording into a DAW.

But yeah clds is sweet! :slight_smile:

‘ambient guitar’ and I think there’s one called ‘noisy heaven’ (is that right?) which is ace.

Guitar2arp and Guitar synth are really fun!

I’m totally behind on the Orac offerings… It’s just occurring to me how much could possibly be chunked together in Orac.

Are there modules that can do things like envelope-triggered or LFO-triggered sampling? (i.e. grab a sample of input guitar based on an threshold or other trigger)

Ok, using my brain, I’d deduce that this would just be a frickin’ gate in front of something like norisampler (for an “envelope trigger”) or a squarewave LFO on the input gain (LFO trigger)… Possibilities abound!

Are there only specific patches that work with guitar? I was hoping to be able to use the Mellotron patch with guitar and then get rid of my EHX Mel 9, but it didn’t seem to work. Is there a master list of patches that work with guitar by any chance?

broadly speaking - effects patches work with guitar, synth patches are synths, drum patches are drums, sampler patches are samplers.

any patch that proclaims itself to be a playable (keyboard) synth or sample player is unlikely to be able to interpret pitch from audio (guitar) input and translate that into a synth/sample (mellotron) sound with a corresponding pitch in the way that you describe above.

if you get familiar with the orac patch, it is possible. though your effects pedal is likely to produce more stable results.

i’d suggest a module routing like this within orac:

audio2midi -> tapesynth