Hardware hacking

I don’t really want to open my Organelle as I don’t know how the keys are set and I don’t want to dislodge anything.

Can you tell me if there are any GPIO pins that are broken out?
Any solder patch points that can be used?

Can we see the schematics for the internals?

Is it safe to open the case without the beautiful keys popping out (and the ensuing fiddling to put them back).

yes completely safe to open up and take apart… ive done it quite a few times,
you can access the main board without popping the buttons out… and even if you do, its no issue to put them back :wink:

but there are no gpio to use or other solder points to pick up on (that I can think of off-hand)… only things I think that are possible are:

  • replace microSOM, which ive done , see my supercharged Organelle topic :slight_smile:
  • perhaps some how squeeze in a battery? but honestly im not sure there is enough room… but ive not researched this.