Key not working :-(

I have owned the organelle for about 7 months as of a few days ago, and this past week I realized something terrible. One of the keyboard keys stopped working.

Anyone else had similar issues?

yes. you can carefully take it apart and swab the contacts. I had to do it. with 80% success rate.


That’s cool to know, I thought I read, that C&G used a special jig to assemble, due to springs on keys. But sounds like your saying if your careful/patient it’s possible to do it yourself.

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Yeah there is no springs, it’s not too bad

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I also have a button acting up but I’m worried about monkeying around. Will this void warranty?

I had a stuck (too girthy) key at one point and contacted c&g for advice. They sent me a set of new keys and made a guide to replacing it. It was easy. Some of the info they gave me might be of use to you, but make c&g your point of contact for this and they should sort this for you :slight_smile: Give em an email.


Hi, yeah, I got one of the keys and I had to disassemble it, sand the key and put it back together, the wooden keys expand with heat or humidity.


My organelle has been resting for 6 month, where I did not use it at all.

Yesterday I fired it up again and wanted to play around with it, but now many of the keys only reacts on every Xth time I push the keys. The keys trigger pretty randomly.

Would a form of contact spray might be useful? I am thinking it might be because of dust or something on contacts for the keys?

There is an issue with the keypad part on some Organelles, and it sounds like you might have one with this problem. Please contact us for a replacement part.

Oh, didn’t realise that there might be something like that wrong.

Is that something that would affect many keys or just one key?

I will get in contact the official way soon then , thanks :slight_smile:

It depends, but usually it is more than one key. Unfortunately some of the keypads (under the wood keys) were made incorrectly by our vendor. The problem develops over time so we didn’t catch it when we made your Organelle. I apologize for the inconvenience. We have since found a new supplier for the keypad.
Please contact us here:


Thanks @chrisk and @oweno

It is more than one key acting weird.

I will contact you very soon :wink:


C&G send me a new keypad for my Organelle and all keys seems to work fine again now.

And on top of that I have to say expedition was very was. I ordered some stuff from a local Ikea about the same time as C&I send me the keypad and the keypad send from USA arrived before the Ikea stuff ordered locally :slight_smile:

So big thanks for great and fast support here, I appreciate it a lot.


Hi @Jaffasplaffa - thanks for the update and feedback! We are happy to hear that the replacement went well.

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