Hello world


Here’s a first message after signing up, after a long time lurking around here… :slight_smile:

I’ve recently got an Organelle M and have been starting to play and patch and learn Pure Data.
I have a physical modular background, Eurorack and Buchla, but have been also playing more and more with another great visual programming environment: Audulus.
Audulus is really wonderful and feels like patching an actual modular (signals are only numbers, no messages, very nice and flexible!), but I’ve been willing to explore sample objects and tools, which still lack in the current version of Audulus.

Here’s some music I released, the latest opus of a long term collaboration with a friend: Tiwakawaka meets Lalae-Nitiananda. (no Organelle on this project…yet!)

So far, I’ve been taking it slowly, taking my time to go through the great patch library out there. I have to say thank you so much to Critter & Guitari, @thetechnobear, @shreeswifty and many other for sharing their amazing patches and contributing to the community, very inspiring stuff! :v:


welcome aboard.

hello, i think you’d really like automatonism. it’s like a modular eurorack synth inside pure data, and of course can be used in organelle. and check out orac if you haven’t already though it’s a little more complicated to use…


Thanks for the advice. I finally got around to check out Automatonism, an amazing creation! Definitely easier for people coming from the control voltage world.
I’m having fun with Pure Data so far. I find the learning curve to be not too steep, and I’m dazzled with the possibilities!
Orac’s wonderful as well, especially as I’m trying to keep things minimal. I found the interface quite intuitive, even if it took a bit of reading here and there.
Overall I feel grateful to be able to benefit from many wonderful and inspiring patches, and I hope to be able to contribute soon!