Help! Error -110 transferring data

Hello! New to this forum, sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place. I’m having some trouble starting up my Organelle 1 and was wondering if someone could help me.

I have a monitor connected via HDMI and a keyboard and mouse connected via a USB hub. I’m pretty sure the issue is somehow caused by the monitor, because it usually starts up when the monitor is disconnected. But when the monitor is connected, I keep seeing error -110 showing up over and over, about 5 seconds apart. I’m attaching a picture below showing what the error looks like. It seems to be scanning a bunch of different “sectors” in succession; I’m not sure what that means. But it keeps doing this indefinitely, meanwhile the LED screen on the Organelle remains at “Starting up: 99%.”

If anyone could give me some insight into this error, what it means, and how I could fix it, I would greatly appreciate it!

Adding some context here, I have also tried booting the Organelle with the monitor disconnected and then connecting the monitor after a successful boot. The first few times I did this, I was able to type “startx” and hit enter to start the GUI, but all I got was a blank screen. The last time I did it, it finally worked. However, I’d still love to hear some troubleshooting suggestions because I’d like to be able to fix this next time it occurs.

it appears you have some bad sectors on your boot media. try flashing another sd card.