Organelle M - Cant find WIFI and Cant find USB Patches

Hey there I just received the organelle. I followed the directions on starting the AP and I can’t find the Organelle WIFI. I have a new MacBook Pro.

Also I formatted a thumbdrive with exfat and I cant find that on my organelle. I can only see the stock internal sounds. Any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks


Thanks for getting an Organelle!

Did you insert the included USB-WiFi adapter into one of the Organelle’s USB ports?

Did you create a folder called ‘Patches’ (case sensitive) at the root level of the drive? This is the only place the Organelle will look for patches. Once you insert your USB drive in the Organelle, you will need to select ‘Reload’ from the Storage menu.

Hi Chris thanks for the response.

Well that’s the issue I didn’t get the USB-WIFI device in the box that came with the organelle;( I was wracking my brains because the older one I have came with one. I thought they were built in.

I created a folder that was called Patches at the root of the drive and reloaded it. Unfortunately I don’t see the USB Drive I just see Patches and underneath that the ones that came standard with the OrganelleM

The USB-WiFi adapter is in a small brown envelope inside the white power supply box.

Which patches are you trying load on the Organelle? You mentioned you have an Organelle 1…what happens if you try to load its USB Drive on the M?

Duh!!! I totally missed that thank you! Found it. Totally works! I think it may be a bad usb stick. When I log into the web portal I can upload to the internal successfully and I cant see the USB stick. I will order another one and see if that helps.

I should have said the older Organelle I had was obliterated;( So I cant check.

Also can I just upgrade the internal memory so I don’t have to use a USB stick?

Thanks so much

You can upload patches to the internal sdcard via the patch manager web app

Thanks for the reply! Yes got that. Just wondering if ic an upgrade it to more memory.

RAM is part of CM3, so cannot be upgraded - unless in the future rPI bring out a compatible replacement with more memory.

You can replace SD card if you want more storage space for patches.

Thank you!

Also last question. I don’t want to order the wrong TRS midi cable. I heard a lot of them aren’t type A. I’m in The US any suggestions online?

We just started stocking TRS-MIDI Type A cables this week: Shop