Using wifi to load patches

Hi y’all. I bought a new organelle m recently but I’m having trouble loading patches with the wifi. I tried it the other day and it worked fine but today it wouldn’t load my patches to the organelle. I could delete a patch and hitting the lightning triggered the led on my organelle but the new patches didn’t appear on my organelles menu when refreshed. Any help would appreciated. Really enjoying this little blue box by the way.

Are you saving the patches to the SD card or a USB drive?

I’m using the SD card. I figured out my mistake. I didn’t have the patches folder open when I was uploading. After I did that everything synced up just fine. I’m basically an school guitar player and not super tech savvy so I bought the organelle knowing it would encourage me to learn new things at my own incremental pace. So far it’s been very rewarding and approachable.

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