Help my Organelle has gone crazy!

Hi I’m a new 'M user(2 days) and while trying to connect it to an Arius Digital Piano [1] I managed to do something to my 'M that meant the notes down stop playing.
e.g. I start the 'M, select the Additive synth patch, press a key, the note never ends.
I have noticed that even though I am not connected to the piano, the MIDI parameter in the patch display keeps changing number - currently in the 400’s, but sometimes in the 2000’s - and the number changes when I hit a key.

I’ve gone into the setting to turn off midi and restarting the organelle hasn’t resolved the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I have done wrong

[1] I didn’t succeed using the piano as a midi keyboard, but that is a question for another day.

Hi - it sounds like you found a known bug in the MIDI menu:

I am not sure that Yamaha’s USB-MIDI will work with Linux OS like on the Organelle M. Looking at Yamaha’s Computer-related Operations document they only list Windows/Mac OS and say:

• Never use a computer having a different OS from those above. Doing so may cause problems.

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Thanks @chrisk you have saved my 'M and my evening…I can go back to experimenting and learning :grinning:

Thanks also for the tip about about the yamaha midi. I am disappointed as the arius has lots of lovely keys. I think I need to go find a cheap (compatible!) midi keyboard.

given it supports the MAC and iOS without a driver, I think its USB midi class compliant, but see below :slight_smile:

honestly, I think thats just yamaha trying to reduce ‘support’

ok, so I think its class compliant so it should work.

what I think your issue is, by default many organelle patches will send midi messages.

I think what you are probably getting is some kind of midi feedback loop

here is what I would do, to see if you can ‘cure it’
(this is to control organelle from piano for now…)

on Organelle -> settings -> midi settings
input -> enable/ channel 1
output -> disable

on piano (you need to check the midi reference doc for how to do this)
transmit ch 1
receive ch 15
local control - off
program control - off
control change - off

note: id like to disable receive ch, but this does not seem possible,
this is all not really necessary, as we have disabled on organelle, but ‘belt n’ braces’

test with a simple patch like Basic Poly
(ps. orac midi control is different)

basically the idea is for testing is:
stop organelle transmitting data, and only receive on ch1
stop the piano transmitting everything excepts notes.

hopefully this should work…

if not, its possible to see the incoming midi on the organelle, but its a bit of a faff.
(has anyone written a midi monitor patch yet… could be really handy for these kind of issues?)

if this works, then you can start opening up the options again…
just make sure that you keep input and output on separate midi channels, as it can be easy to create midi feedback loops.


Thank you. I now have 88 velocity sensitive keys! (and no need to buy another keyboard*)
The trick bit was the piano, which lacks a screen like the Organelle.
Fortunately I was able to connect the piano to my laptop and use a midi monitor ‘MIDI loupe’ to verify the piano settings.
Once I did that all I needed to do was select the device ‘ARIUS:0’ and it all worked.

Thanks so much.


  • no need to buy a keyboard… but mighty tempted to get something with knobs and sliders! :grinning:
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cool, was the issue a loopback of midi?

btw… you can also have some other fun, which is using the Organelle to sequence the piano.
I’d do this by using different midi channels for send/receive, just in case the piano is retransmitting midi from its input to output.
(some do this, as a kind of software ‘midi thru’ , but usually they have an option to turn it off, which I didn’t see in the manual)

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Hi @thetechnobear,

I’m pretty sure it was me misconfiguring the YDP-143 (no screen). Your clear instructions really helped.

I’m definitely having fun; today I had a chain of devices feeding the 'M; iPhone->Korg Monotron Duo->PO-33->Organelle M. Making weird noises with the duo, and capturing samples of radio4 with the PO-33, then looping the samples in the PO-33 and feeding it all into the Organelle effects.

Next up I will try sending midi TO either the PSR-E303 or the YDP-143 to sequence them.

Also on the list is to see if I can join it up with Sonic Pi but I’m not sure how I can do that yet.

thanks again @chrisk and @thetechnobear



@spdegabrielle We just released a new version of OS which takes care of this MIDI clock/runaway tempo bug:

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THANK YOU! I just got my Type A adaptors from Thomann so I’m hoping to have fun tonight. Debating if I should take my 'M on holidays with me…
Update:So good!!!

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