Help needed editing patch


I need some tips on how to edit this patch:

Currently the behavior of the patch is that each key works as on/off switch for the samples, but I would like to change it so that each keypress would retrigger the sample (like in the beats and pieces patch).

Any pointers on what I need to change to achieve this?

So it seems that this patch is already an edit of a previously existing patch and is full of unused remnants, which makes things not super clear. Anyhow as far as i can tell from a short glance, it seems that you just have to edit the sampler-voice subpatches and throw out the toggle before the readsf~ object and replace it with a play message (send message “1” to the readsf~ object) which is triggered by every keypress. Don’t forget that the sound-file always has to be loaded first. Here’s the help file for readsf~:

I apologize for the possibly dumb question, but my pure data knowledge is next to none… what exactly is the toggle in the sampler-voice patches?

draw a circle around what you don’t understand

Well, that would be one big circle around the whole thing… :slight_smile: But following @callmesam’s indication, I’m guessing the toogle is one of these objects?

it’s an hradio or vradio object that’s been set to only have one button, i think.

toggle is an object in pd, that works like a switch. if it’s on it send a 1, if off it sends a 0. (it’s the square thingy with nothing in it, which is connected to the readsf~…) in general i would recommend learning the basics of PD before editing patches (there are some really good tutorials on the internet and in the help section of pd and the help files in pd are normally super informative), because without a basic understanding how a patch works, i fear you’ll have a hard time making the changes you desire…

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i agree … it’ll also be a pretty frustrating experience.

one other recommendation,
you should run the patch on the Organelle with it in the GUI - either using an HDMI monitor/keyboard, or with VNC (see other threads about how to install vnc)
doing so will allow you to see how the patch works (e.g. you’ll see when the toggle changes state) , and play with it a bit (e.g. putting print objects in to see whats its doing, as well as trying out edits.

this ability to ‘debug’ the a pure data patch is a really important skill, which is even more critical when you are trying to change patches written by others.

also all objects should have help text, which given examples , as shown by @callmesam for readsf~, these are a really valuable way to learn about PD.

also the floss manual for PD is excellent

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, I appreciate it!