Pedal triggering samples

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a patch that triggers samples with a pedal, preferably samples that can be selected with one of the knobs. I’m totally new with both organelle & PD/programming in general and couldn’t find any related topics - so I hope you guys can help me out on this.

I don’t know of a patch that does this ,
BUT it would be easy to change a patch so that it did this.

What I would do is :
Find a patch that does broadly what you want it to do , BUT that is using a key rather than the pedal.

Then in this patch all you need to do is make it so that the pedal creates a key event

Basically this is something like :

[fs] -> [t b f] -> [ pack 0 0] -> [ s key]

Idea is the above will create a key 0 event, using the footswitch as the key state ( up/down)

( sorry on my phone so can’t draw it in pd for you :wink: )

You could do some cool extensions to this eg make it such that the last key pressed determined which sample the foot pedal would trigger.

Of course it‘a not that hard to write a new patch to do what you want - but as a beginner it tends to be a little easier to adapt patches initially.

Thanks thetechnobear! I tried to change a patch and it’s starting to work the way I want. I might come back later when trying to implement the -indeed- cool extensions you mentioned. Thanks!

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