Help ,one of the keys of my Organelle, is locked

Hi guys!,
From Argentina I come to you for help, one of the keys of my Organelle, is locked, pressing the key does not return to its normal position, and remains as blocked, please, if any of you have any advice or recommendation To be able to solve the problem, I will be very grateful, I comment that my Organelle is new, they brought it to me two months ago, and it has practically no use, well, since I would appreciate any solution that can provide.
Please excuse my ultra basic English.
Thank you

Is it totally stuck and can’t move at all? If you are able to move it at all you might be able to rock it around to loosen it. If this is not possible, contact Critter & Guitari for support.

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Thanks for the answer, thankfully, it returned to normal operation, I think, it happens that although we are in winter in this part of the hemisphere, there were very humid days, and the keys being wooden expand, and Particularly this key has its corresponding hole very fair, happened that it locked, I return the cold and the wood contracted, returning to its normal operation, is something that I have to take account for summer and also manufacturers.
I apologize again for my hyper basic English
Thanks and a big hug from Argentina