Keyboard Button Issues

A manufacturing defect has come to our attention that affects certain Organelles purchased around late summer and early fall of 2016. The problem affects the keyboard of the Organelle, require the user to apply extra force to play the keys and causing key misfires. If you believe your Organelle is suffering from this problem, please contact us about a fix.


I’ve contacted you about this problem in july, and was told (after 3 weeks) to contact the store I purchased it from. So I’ve send a mail 17 days ago, after reading this post, curious about a possible fix, apart from returning it. No reaction yet… I love the keyboard of my pocket piano, so I know what it should feel like. So far the organelle as an actual playable instrument is a bummer.

Did you receive an email? I sent a response to what I think is your previous email, but send a PM if you don’t receive. Thanks

Thanks for the free repair job. Great service.


I’ll second that! C&G have been super helpful and even generous to me since i got my first organelle - going beyond expectations time and again. :smiley:

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How can I tell if an Organelle has this issue before I buy it online in the UK?

Can we have the serial number ranges of the affected units?

Update Feb 20 2019 - This information is no longer correct:

Any unit above serial number 999 does not have the defect.
Units with serial number 499 and below do not have have the defect.
Not all units in the range of serial numbers 499-999 have the defect.

We have come to find that the source of the key issue was different than we originally thought. If you are experiencing issues with your keys, please contact us regardless of your serial number.


I sent you an e-mail regarding this. I bought a brand new organelle ad it cost me 500 €. Its keyboard is almost impossible to play. I bought it in scotland via mail cos it’s almost impossible to find it in italy. Now I don’t know what to do. Can you help me? Thanks Angelo

Hi @AngeloSindaco, I replied to your email from today.

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I have the same issues with my Organelle. I sent you a message Sunday via your contact page.
Did you receive it ?
Best, W

I’m still having problems with mine, exactly as described above but not within that serial number range.

I was advised to take it apart and clean any dust out but hasn’t had any effect.

I actually contacted C&G again at the weekend but not heard back yet. I hope there’s something which can be done as, whilst it’s fine to use with a midi keyboard it breaks the whole form factor concept for me.

Are you still having issues with your unit? Mine suddenly started having the problem after being left in a case for a month or two. I’m going to try opening it to clean out dust, but I’m a little nervous!

Yes mine is the same. I had a message from C&G saying that a replacement part would be posted but they are currently on order so I don’t know when that will be. I’ve stopped using mine for now, too frustrating. Maybe contact them, I tried cleaning it multiple times but no effect

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Thanks! Yeah, I have a lil midi keyboard that works with most patches, but it’s a bummer not to be able to use the buttons as intended! I’ll contact them before opening it up for sure.


Sorry for the trouble! We’re still waiting for some parts to arrive and then test. We’ll be in contact soon.


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Does this mean that when parts come in we can get new buttons, or the rubber behind the buttons, or whatever is actually the problematic part shipped to us and change it ourself?

This would be amazing as I am quite handy and would much prefer to just fix it myself in an evening than to have to ship it to C&G which I have not had time to do yet as I use my Organelle for gigs and production.

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I did this a while ago after C&G shipped. Took me about ten minutes. Was a replacement for the rubber strip beneath the wooden buttons, immediately felt more solid and solved the issue. I would guess they are ordering more? Unless they have found an alternative solution?

Im sort of in the same boat, Ive been meaning to send my organelle in forever to fix this key issue but I never want to part with it for so long.

I contacted Chris and am waiting for the new parts as well. Nice to hear it’s an easy fix. Love my Organelle, just looking for responsive keys!

I’m looking forward to this, hope that it fixes things.