How to ensure slave BPM clock for any patch?

Hi chaps,
On some of the patches for organelle, the pstch automatically detects any external clock sync message being sent to the organelle and immediately uses this to override the BPM of the patch. This is really useful and great for focusing automated or ambient patches to a rhythm with other gear.

What I would like to know is if there is an easy way to attach this function to any patch with a bpm or internal clock. For example I would be interested in attaching this function to @shreeswifty’s brialliant ‘BLEEPCNTRL’ patch and maybe even try it in the new ‘clouds’ patch as they both already have a BPM object on the patch. Can anybody help?

Also, i’d like to say another BRAVO to shree x

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Many of these patches use the same master-metronome.pd abstraction. It acts like a black box that takes a tempo input and sends out beat divisions. It automatically locks to MIDI clock if ther is one coming in. See Pow Pow’s Polybeats for an example of how it is used.

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oh cool. i’ll grab and add that to them i also found the pagination link super helpful. Is there a folder/sticky post with files?

i would love to slave all the instruments or at least have midiGateOut/in on a toggle
Pages/Knobs of course
Aux button [pages now works, still would like to know about/if i can get momentary selection to scroll through on/off selections

for example in the Odyssey Patch here is my issue:
there are 24 “slider” selections on the ARP in real life
they are just 2 value sliders but if i have keyboard enabled it’s sending notes taking priority. i would like each button when i long hold down AUX enable me to address those sliders and make the A/B selection then when i release the keyboard is working again. AUX [long-hold] + note 60 is [PinkNoise|WhiteNoise]

is this possible? Anyone tried this?
basically i am trying to create an edit mode for the synth

I am trying to phrase my question so others may have a patch or idea that clicks that we can use for a nice synth and also to organize what i really need/want to do:slight_smile: