Help with issue after reburn

My Eyesy(2nd hand) was working fine as it came, the issue was that when I went to finally get some thing customized and altered I didn’t see any network or IP on the shift page. After looking around at other issues it seemed like an image reburn was in order, this seemed like it went ok but now my Eyesy light turns on goes white > blinky blue > pale green solid and the screen shows the rainbow screen and so far hasn’t progressed after 10 minutes. Should I reburn again from a fresh image download? Thanks for your time.

Edit: After reburning, I got v2.3 working but the IP and Network are still blank. I have remove and reinserted the wifi dongle several times, and have only inserted it directly, no hub or anything. Since it’s second hand I’m starting to consider the previous owner may have damaged the dongle and I don’t see any info there and no Eyesy network pops up on a MacBook, Lenovo laptop, 2 different iPhones.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated I had some swell idea for using this in different musical projects

To start the AP you need to hold down Shift button during startup. More in the manual:

I’m certain I was doing the correct procedure, but I will triple check tonight and update.

Still same, the info screen on the Eyesy is blank for IP and Network, and no network pops up for any of my device to connect to. Held shift the entire time, removed and reinserted the wifi dongle. I feel like perhaps the dongle was damaged during the previous owners care, or even the port perhaps. I’m handy, I could repair a faulty port. I plan to strip a usb cable and test for power at the port. If it’s got power then I will probably just get a new wifi adapter dongle from the site.

Unless, of course, there is a better course of action.

Any further insight @chrisk, or anyone else is also welcome to throw in their thoughts

That is a bummer.

Were you able to try a new USB-WiFi adapter? The EYESY only works with adapters that operate at 2.4 GHz.