AP on EYESY no longer connecting. Suspect hardware issues. Advice on replacement parts and feedback on EYESY design

I am a performing artist and have had my EYESY for about 1.5 years and have taken it with me travelling and performed VJing at shows.

Initially connecting to AP to update the code or add images was a breeze but over time has become more and more patchy- with connection randomly dropping out and the likes.

Now, it is impossible to connect to the AP at all. I initially suspected it was due to my local Wi-Fi settings but have testing it in multiple networks the result has been the same: No connection.

Next, I decided to test connection to AP on different operating systems. I have tried to see if connected on MAC or Windows. It connects to neither.

Finally in my desperation, I have re-flashed a new copy of the EYESYv2.3 image onto the microSd (effectively wiping all my custom settings and modes). And to my dismay, it still does not connect to AP mode.

Furthermore, it does not even show an IP address

At this stage, I am beginning to suspect this issue is hardware related - either the circuitry or the Ralink 5370 chipset receiver. I am hoping it is the latter as otherwise my EYESY is rendered useless to modify - which is a terrible thing for my art.

I am wanting to purchase a replacement and want to check which model is compatible

This is my last attempt before I give up.

All in all, I am at my wits end and am very disappointed with this outcome as I have been effectively barred from updating my repertoire due to the rigid constraints placed on the machine.

I love my EYESY and it has provided immense joy to both myself and the audiences I have performed for. But as a creative artist, my number one gripe with this item is how the designers have locked all possibility of modification of the code onto a wireless access point; especially one that in my particular use case has proved to be so temperamental and limp.

It may be harsh but I am giving feedback on this to let you know that I strongly disagree with this design decision. It sounds good in theory but unless there is improvement on the reliability of the receivers used, it is a major design flaw and has effectively forced me to wipe my repertoire in vain in an attempt to regain the potential to access the EYESY again.


Tbh I would probably just buy the cheapest usb wifi-dongle that is raspberry pi compatible and see if it works.

I find it less than impressive that there has been zero comment on this from anyone at C&G, although given the general radio silence on a lot of issues and queries here I can’t honestly say I am surprised.

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