Help with Making Patches / Patches for Consideration

I really love these patches, especially the sampler ones (I’m something of a sampler nut) eventually I hope to be able to make some of my own. I watched all the Organelle PD tutorials from 2 years ago with great interest, any plans to make more of these? Like a basic one on sampling maybe? Input handling, midi and so on.

Also it would be great to have a repository of basic building block patches for newbies to start out?

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Can we request patches for consideration? I have a few ideas but not the know how yet to implement them. I understand if not, but thought I’d check.

There are a number of good places to learn to make Pure Data patches!

List of tutorials:

This is a good video series on Pd that you might have run across:

There’s actually some great examples/tutorials built into Pure Data:
PD Help

Please do - it’s best to ask the community with specifics. Maybe there’s already a patch out there that does what you need - like in this thread: SID chip patch a la WebSID, QuadraSID, et al?

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