High Volume Noise

Hi everyone,
so I got the Microphone to sample Audio like percussion and voice into my 1010music Blackbox. The Microphone is working fine but it seems to output some high volume noise in some none audible frequency all the time. It’s nothing I can hear but the blackbox shows some high gain coming from the mic just by being on. It does effect the sampling, since the waveform of a sample is not really there and if I trim a sample, I do get an audible pop in the beginning. Has somebody experienced this, or do I have a damaged unit?
My blackbox input is fine and I also tried replacing the cable.

This might be DC voltage from the mic…

It appears the inputs to the Blackbox are DC coupled, which I assume is to facilitate recording CV signals? The voltage output of the Mic is centered at around 1.6V. This DC voltage is filtered out in a typical AC coupled audio input. It shouldn’t really affect the recording quality, but it will have a DC offset (the waveform would be shifted up).