How can I troubleshoot organellepatchmanager?

Recently I have trouble connecting via the web broweser to my organelle patch manager, I see the organelle network and can connect to it but when I want to connect to the patchmanager website on my organelle, my browser says there is no such website. Where should I look on the organelle on pointers for what goes wrong? Does the webserver have a log I can look in?

Did you make sure to enable the patch manager (in the WiFi menu select ‘Start web server’)?

Also, sometimes the URL organellem.local doesn’t work (one thing to check is that your browser is not prepending a www). If organellem.local is not working you can use the IP address listed in the Info menu as well.

I did indeed start the web server and tried both the ip address found in the info screen as well as the organelle.local address without www. (i’m oldschool like that :smile: I don’t have an organelle M) none of them work.

Quick update I manage to connect via the safari browser; it seems like Firefox along the line stopped connecting to my organelle :frowning: no clue why though.