Web Interface (organellem.local) is inaccessible

Howdy! I’ve been trying all morning to connect to the web interface – to this point, I’ve been using a USB drive for non-stock patches and haven’t gotten around to messing with the samples in the stock patches.

I’m able to start up the Organelle AP and connect to existing WiFi networks, but I seem to be unable to access the web interface. “organellem.local” and the IP address shown in Settings/Info both lead me to error/cannot connect pages.

I’ve seen other reports of this in my research, but I haven’t found any solutions. Do any of you have ideas?

Oh, funny… I was able to access it by IP address shown in info ( to … I have no idea what that’s about.

Now I’m struggling to get the VNC to work.

Well, I seem to have solved all of my problems, although I have no idea what I did differently! :smiley:

Ahh, can you explain what you did? I’m having the same issue!

Actually, the IP address method seems to be working for me. I had forgotten that was an option. Organelle.local doesn’t work for me, but I guess that’s ok!

I’m so glad you got it figured out! :smiley:

This can be related to your computer browser’s cache. One option is to connect to organellem.local in a private browser window.

Did you start the web server too?

Also, please ensure you have http and not https in the browser URL; I noticed the browser overriding the URL scheme if for whatever reason it couldn’t connect during the first try.

Hey, thank you! I eventually got it to work using the IP address and adjusting some network settings :smiley: