How do I put a patch in the local page?

Hi, I would like to know about the title.
(I’m Japanese,Sorry if my words are wrong.)

I tried to put the zip of the patch I want to add in the python folder on the local page, but it won’t upload.
Is this the correct way to add the patch?
If I’m wrong, please let me know how.

Go into the Patches folder on the web server and upload the .zip file and unzip the patch or install it from the Organelle. You cant install Python scripts in the same way

Thanks for the reply! I’m afraid that I didn’t find where the Patches folder is in the local page.
Please teach me more details.

Are you able to connect to the web server? Go to the Wifi Setup and click Start AP first. Then on a computer, connect to the network Organelle. The password is coolmusic. Then in a web browser, type organellem.local. Then click on File Manager and you should see the Patches folder. Thats where all the programs for the Organelle are stored and any news one should be put in there

You can also check out this documentation if you need further help or phrased a different way

I have “Eyesy”, not “Organelle”, and I’m able to connect a similar local page, but I can’t find the Patches folder…
Do I need to create my own Patches folder?

i’m sorry Wrong category …

Oh… I don’t own an Eyesy so I cant be of help :frowning:

I am so sorry…
Thank you so much for your kind replies!!

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I am so sorry…
Thank you so much for your kind replies!!

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All good. I’m sure there is similar documentation like the one I linked for Eyesy so try to find that. Best of luck!

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I think i understand the problem.
EYESY web page don’t shows folders.
The interface isn’t works on chrome or safari.
Maybe there is a browser settings.
I’m on linux and its easy to enter the EYESY web page.
But if i use a recent mac, it very long to get inside the EYESY and there is all the buttons, but not the line with the /home access…
Any ideas…

after some testing i think it’s a network problem.
Our router gives random address to access the EYESY.
So folder appears easy if we join the right url on the LAN.
If not there is a cache issue or something with the browser…
So the On Screen Display button is very helpfull.
It gives the rigt url…

Yeah eyesy.local doesn’t always work depending on the network configuration, which is why the IP is listed on the on screen display. It should always work…Browsers these days also don’t want to visit URLs that are not https, and I’ve found when entering eyesy.local it will prepend https://, so I sometimes have to type the whole thing out: http://eyesy.local