Simple 101 question regarding loading patches

I’ve loaded a few patches using the web patch manager. I put them in a custom folder called User.

But I don’t see the new patches, even after booting. I also don’t see the patches organized by folder structure, even though in the patch manager, the OTB patches and the ones I added are in folders.

BTW, it might be that I don’t really understand the basics of how USB and Card storage are used. I can see that there are patches on both when I VNC in and poke around.

Can anyone point me in the right place or towards a basic tutorial for managing and loading patches?


I’m not sure if this will help you, but I also have my user-patches on a usb drive.
I read about how it works in the manual, and it works fine for me.

I think the thing might be that you need to put all of your folders in a folder called “Patches” (case sensitive).

I hope it helps, good luck.

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Thanks I read through that. The folders are named correctly. It’s finding the USB Patches dir but not the SD Patches dir. Do I need to pick One or the Other and just consolidate my patches?

Alternatively, do the SD patches, which I assume were created when I flashed it to 4.0 just supersede what I have on my SD card? It looks like the Patches folder that came with 4.0 is already organized into folders. So I could probably just save the few patches I added to the USB and delete the rest?


I just have it all running from the USB. I don’t know if you can use both at the same time. If I remove the USB, it just loads the patches from the SD.

I don’t know if that’s the only way to do it.

if the USB stick is loaded, then the Patches folder on the USB Stick is used.
if the USB stick is not present, or ejected, then the Patches folder on the SD card is use.

unless you have a particular reason to use the USB stick, id say dont use it! (*)

just load your patches on to the SD card into Patches directory, and use that.

all patches have to go into SDCard Patches, but there can be sub directories under it.
(note: you will need to do something in the menu, to ‘refresh’ it, to see new patches/directories)

(*) the usb stick workflow really was before there were tools and support for wifi access and sd card support. usb is slower and more error prone. really its only useful if you don’t have a wifi stick for the organelle.

Thanks for the note on USB, I did not know that. I’ll give the SD workflow a try then. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I think thats what was confusing matters. It was loading the USB patches.

But also, at some point after a reboot and my messing with a few things, it started showing the Card patches instead and lost my wifi settings. It turns out I put the USB in upside down!

What a bunch of problems I caused myself! Now I’m able to get OTC working (off the sd card) and a bunch of patches I’d been struggling with.

Is the USB necessary for anything?

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Everything should run fine off the sdcard.
I stopped using the usb stick a long time ago :wink:

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