How Do You Make The Organelle Consistent at Shows

I’ve had the original Organelle for a while now. I used it in my studio for years and would almost always be running it through compression. Obviously live and recorded are two different beasts. Since I’ve been playing in a new band and using multiple patches live I find myself adjusting the volume a lot while performing. I’m curious how other people approach making an organelle a consistent live instrument. Compression pedals (which ones), limiter instead of compressor, is there some simple code I could add into the patches to do this? What’s your approach to adsr for patches? Are there saturation pedals which can add analogue goodness? I just want tips on how people make it a killer live performance instrument.

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just use 1 mega-patch… :wink: .
My tip would be to do soundcheck at 50% vol and have that extra headroom available if needed.
At the end of the patches I put a [clip~ -1 1] to be sure nothing is gonna get ultra loud